Court Prices/ Bookings

Outdoor courts are £10 per/hr (1 hour free per member in daylight hours if not £4 for floodlights) & Indoor courts are £12 p/h (£14 p/h for non-members). Please bear in mind availability for Indoor courts is limited.

Price of membership and benefits?

£75/yr, entitles you to one free hour outdoors a day. If you play in the evening you may require to pay for floodlights.

How do I go about booking a court?

Either call Reception on 01202 298570 for an indoor court or check our outdoor availability on our website or booker app.

Indoor courts (prices availability, why do members pay?)

We take indoor bookings over the phone, the price is set at £12/hr and our members get first priority by having the option to book a week ahead.

Can I play as a non-member?

Yes you may, £10/hr or if playing with another member just a £3 guest fee. Group sessions have a reduced rate for members but all are welcome..

Is the cafe open to the public/are dogs allowed?

Yes we are, all are welcome as well as dogs.

How far in advance can I book as a member/non-member?

Outdoors 2 weeks for members 1 week for non-members, indoors 1 week for members 2 days for a non-member.

How many indoor courts are there available?

We have 3 acrylic courts inside our bubble available for hire.

Can anyone sign up as a member, even if they live out of county?

Yes you may there are no area restrictions.

Do we offer partial memberships 3/6 months for people who aren't local full time?

No we don’t. The membership is great value for money and we only offer a 1 time payment for the full year or you are welcome to pay as you play.

Do we offer any discounts? (students/nurses/oap)

No we don’t as the cafe and membership is already very reasonably priced.

Can we book group sessions online?

Not at the moment, currently, we reserve spaces over the phone and or at reception.

Do we provide coaches, how many do we have and how much are they?

We have 3 full-time coaches, Matt, Fred, and Emily all experienced and charge between £30-£35/hr.

Can we book individual lessons online or do we have to contact the coach?

No, you can not. You will need to contact the coach you desire directly, I can provide their contact details over the phone or at reception.

How can we get in contact with the coaches?

You will need to email/text Matt/ Fred/ Emily. All their contact information is available at reception.