Choosing a Tennis Racket

For many tennis players, choosing a tennis racket can be a difficult and daunting task. There are many things to consider, brands, head sizes, weight, string pattern, balance, and many more! The size of the racket head can make a big difference depending on ability and preference. The bigger the head size, the bigger the sweet spot for striking the ball is. The sweet spot is the place in the middle of the strings where making contact with the ball is more pleasurable and produces better results.

The grip is important for controlling the tennis racket and choosing the right grip size can help to avoid common injuries like tennis elbow. If a grip size is too small, it can lead to various tennis injuries due to the Tennis Racket twisting in your palm whilst playing or from gripping the racket harder than you should and overusing muscles. A grip that is too big prevents wrist snap-on serves (needed for extra power), makes changing grips more difficult, and you tend to use more muscle power unnecessarily leading to overuse and a higher chance of getting injured.

Common injuries from a grip size that is too small or large include tennis elbow, tendonitis, and wrist/shoulder pain.

The Club shop at The West Hants Club is a great place to find the perfect racket. The shop address is: The West Hants Club Roslin Road South – BH3 7EF 01202 518671