Ever noticed the pineapple on the Wimbledon trophy?

A gold pineapple sits at the top of that world-famous Men’s Wimbledon trophy – have you ever spotted it?

There is no definite explanation behind this fruity choice, but there are several theories.

The most popular is that it stems from the pineapple representing “honour, welcoming, and celebration” which dates back to the 17th Century when pineapples did not grow in the UK and had to be imported. Being gifted such a rare fruit was extremely generous and held in high regard.

Aside from the Wimbledon Trophy, you can sometimes spot pineapples on the gates of stately homes – something that supports this popular theory, where this fruit indicated wealth and high status because of its rarity.

This famous trophy is owned by the All England Lawn Tennis Club and the name of the Men’s Champion is engraved every year. After the presentation ceremony, the newly crowned champion is given a replica to take home with them.