Tennis for Beginners – Part 2

The time has come, you’re finally going to jump on the court to either have your first hit in a long time or maybe ever. Whether you have decided to have a 1-1 lesson, join a group session, or play with a friend, don’t panic. Learning to play tennis can be fun and done in many ways.

So, what next???

Well, you don’t need the newest racket or the most expensive tennis shoes, but here is a little checklist of what can be useful.
– Tennis racket (some clubs lend them out)
– Suitable trainers
– Sports Clothing
– Tennis Balls
– Water Bottle
– Bag

Learning the basics can be done on and off the court. Unfortunately watching Wimbledon won’t make you a pro, but it helps right? Well, it won’t make you any worse but watching tutorials or drills to help learn techniques will help, and hopefully make that first time on the court less daunting. Learning to play any new sport can seem quite scary but setting a goal for yourself as a beginner is a good way to commit and have something to look forward to in the end. It doesn’t matter how small the goal, it will help you work your way up!